q: what makes defect manager better than other tools?
a: we built defect manager based on over 20 years of software engineering experience working in software companies. we have tried to make it flexible and easy to use, but still have a lot of necessary features like problem chaining, problem deferring, etc. we also believe in using industry standard databases. we don't have a proprietary database that is closed. we use the database of your choice fully normalized. since we use an "open database" philosophy, this allows you to use a database consistent with the rest of your organization and you can use all the tools that you use now to access the data for reporting. we believe that we are the easiest to customize and the easiest to use. let us know if you disagree by emailing us.

q: what other companies are using defect manager?
a: clients of ours remain confidential, but a few allow us to give you their names. please contact us for more information.

q: my company uses a database that you don't support. what can i do?
a:  we have done limited testing with sybase and informix. if you need any of these (or another dbms) to be supported please contact us for more information.

q: i want to use defect manager in my entire company, do you sell company wide licenses?
a: yes, please contact us for more information.

q: i would like to customize defect manager for my company. can we get the source code?
a: yes, please contact us for more information.

q: i am from another country, how do i get a customized version of the product for my country?
a: we provide a customization kit, please contact us for more information.

q: is there a web interface to the product?
a: yes, it exists in release 3.

q: can i have many defect tracking repositories?
yes you can.

q: can i install on a network drive?
a: yes you can.


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