etechsupport is a flexible and powerful web based technical support system for your clients. coupled with defect manager for windows and defect manager for the web, you have a complete defect management solution. 

below is a list of its capabilities.

feature description
easy to customize just add your companies logos and style sheet, and the system works out of the box. we provide all the source code. you can make whatever changes you like. the system is windows dna compliant. 
client defect management your clients can sign up for support on the web. they can open, close, annotate their issues. 
knowledgebase let your clients help themselves by researching issues that have already been addressed by searching the knowledgebase. with just a few clicks, you can transform defect information into a searchable knowledgebase. 
secure your clients can register  themselves for support via the web. they set their own userid and password. the system automatically emails it to them for their future reference. 
forgot password support if one of your clients looses their password, the system will automatically email them a new one. 
integrates with your software downloads. your clients can automatically be registered for support when they download your product. keep an active list of all your prospects.
interact technology your technicians and prospects can have real time conversations, providing a higher level of support.  your technicians will be alerted via e-mail when a client has updated an issue. 
defect reviewing  your clients can use various filters to review their defects. your clients can review all the defects for their company by all of their employees.
attachments lets your users  include attachments that better describe their problem.
private your clients can only see the products they are licensed for, or the projects they are involved in. 
export to excel allow your clients to export their reported items directly into microsoft excel.

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