when purchasing defect manager you can choose to purchase the software and install it on your servers, or you can have us host it on our servers for you. regardless of which option you choose, you get e-mail support, on-line knowledgebase, bug fixes for the current release, and telephone support, for free! 

purchase pricing and hosting prices are described below.

purchase pricing - install at your site

when you purchase defect manager you get both the web and windows interface for the same low price.  

defect manager is licensed by named users or an unlimited user license. if there is more than 10 users on your team,  it makes more sense to purchase an unlimited user license.

you get bug fixes for the release that you purchase for free. 

product cost per user unlimited user license
defect manager  for access $89.99 usd $999.00 usd
defect manager for sqlserver $89.99 usd $1599.00 usd
defect manager for oracle $89.99 usd $1999.00 usd

hosted pricing - installed on our site

when we host the entire application for you, your data will be stored in its own database.   you just let us know how many users you need, and within minutes you will be ready to go. you can always export the data and take it with you.

if your team is just 5 users or less you can use the system for free. just click here and your individual 5 user system will be built instantly for you.

since there is a cost for us to host them system and associated infrastructure, we need to charge a hosting fee for larger teams. the hosting fee is based on the number of users on your team.

users monthly charge
1-5 users free
6-10 users $39.95/month
11-20 users $69.95/month
21-30 users $99.95/month
31-40 users $129.00/month
unlimited users call or e-mail








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