protectsoft makes software licensing for software companies easy. with protectsoft, developers can make sure that evil people don't illegally distribute and use your software.

protectsoft is currently available on windows for c++ and visual basic developers.

create shareware, freeware and demos
create shareware and freeware version of your products from your existing products with confidence that they will not use it inappropriately. based on the key you give your clients, you can limit the capabilities that they are allowed to use, on a user by user basis. they can pay for what they want.

limit your products use
you can limit how long users can demo or use your product.

  • specify that the key is only valid for a number of days from the date being installed. (30 day trial).
  • pick a specific date in the future that the license is good until.
  • you can also allow each key to have different options. set limits in your product, or limit your product to a specific machine. users can purchase additional units of your products by receiving a new key only. the possibilities are virtually limitless!

eliminate unlawful use of your products
you can prevent users from copying software from their computer to their illegally.

repository based system
protectsoft automatically keeps an inventory of all your licenses in a local or shared database.

sell over the web
distribute your products safely on the web

feature updates
enable updates by giving the user a new key

protectsoft runs on all windows platforms

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